Working Steps of Enstella MSG Converter Software

Working Procedure of MSG Converter Tool

Step-by-step Enstella MSG Converter Software Working & See how its working and Convert MSG File to PST File

Enstella MSG Converter program which efficiently Convert multiple MSG File into PST File.

Launch Enstella MSG Converter Software (Go to Start -> Programs ->Enstella MSG Converter -> Enstella MSG Converter).

Just follow the following instructions step by step to Convert MSG File to PST

Click on Browse File button

Select the MSG File. and click the OK button.

After clicking on this button, following window will appears on your screen.

Select the folder from the Left Pane and click the Export button to proceed with saving the recovered items:

Click on Browse button:

Click the Browse button, and select the saving location path.

Select the Output file location where you wish to save the newly created email file, then software looks like as-

Select the Radio option to Import All MSG Files or Message Save Between Dates or Message Skip Between Dates.

Click on Messages Filter chackbox button to recover Emails:

1: Save All Items

2: Save Only Attachment items

3: Save Only Non Attachment

Select the required format in which you wish to SAVE the recovered data

Click on Split PST chackbox button, and Click the Export button:

Start the MSG Conversion process-


After complete saving, software show you confirmation message as below screen-


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