Working Steps of Enstella Excel to Outlook Converter Software

Working Procedure of Excel to Outlook Contact Converter Tool

Step-by-step Enstella Excel to Outlook Contact Converter Software Working & See how its working and convert Excel to PST

Enstella Excel to Outlook Contact Converter tool is the best Excel to PST conversion program which efficiently convert Excel Contacts into New Outlook PST File and Existing Outlook Profile.

Launch Enstella Excel to Outlook Contact Converter Software (Go to Start -> Programs ->Enstella Excel to Outlook Contact Converter -> Enstella Excel to Outlook Contact Converter).

Just follow the following instructions step by step to Convert Excel to PST

Click on Browse button

After clicking on this button, following window will appears on your screen.

Select Excel file which user want to convert into PST formats, And Click to Open button.

As you click on OK button the software will preview the whole content of XLS files :
After this, click on Next button to continue the conversion process. Then software will display the following screen :

To match the Excel fields with Outlook column follow the given steps :
Choose Excel fields from pane Excel fields of the software

User can Match the field like this way -

1. First Name : FIrst Name or Full Name

2. Last Name : Last Name

3. Email : Email address

4. Address: Business Address

Then after matching the fields, The tool will now display the list of matched attributes. After this click on Next button :

Note: if you want to remove duplicate contacts based on Email Address so, Click the check box button.

and Do you like to allow empty Email Address to be imported then click the check box button.

And Do you want to create Distribution list of MS Outlook formats then click the Check box button and gives the Distribution list name.

Click the Browse button, and select the saving location path.

Select the Output file location where you wish to save the newly created Outlook file. The software will start saving the recovered data at the desired location:

Click the Next button, And start the Conversion process.

After Completed saving processing click on OK button


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